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I try (as much as possible) to have a laugh.

In places on this site you may notice my humour finding its way onto page with the rest of the content. No offence is intended (if you are offended) I assure you. Just me, being me, having a laugh.

The Old Man Vape Story

I wanted to give up smoking so decided that vaping might be the best option for me. I’d tried nicotine patches and gum in the past but never really had any success.

I bought a vape and several 30ml bottles of premixed e-liquid online to see which nicotine level was best for me.

I eagerly loaded my vape and tried each of the 4 bottles of e-liquid I’d bought. To my surprise they all made me cough far more than smoking ever did?

I started to wonder if I wasn’t able to vape? Perhaps it wasn’t for me?

DIY E-Liquids

I wondered if there was something in the bought e-liquid that might disagree with me?

My eldest son who had been vaping for some time suggested I try making my own vape juice. I thought if I made it myself at least I would know what was in the e-liquid.

Before I bought a kit I thought I’d try some of my sons Vape eliquid, I was surprised to find it contained nicotine?
I asked him why, if he didn’t smoke was he buying vape juice with nicotine?
He replied that the best tasting eliquids had nicotine in them as they used more flavour to mask the nicotine!

MADNESS! – So he doesn’t smoke but vapes with nicotine laden eliquids?

Now with even more reason to give it a try, I bought some concentrates and a kit and went for it.

I decided to try to mix the e-liquid using as little PG as possible. PG tends to give you a hit in the back of the throat. I think the e-liquid I’d bought before was more PG than VG hence the coughing fits.

The first batch with no nicotine was Strawberry Milkshake, it tasted amazing! Lots of flavour and no coughing my lungs up. It was so good my son took the 100ml bottle and I never saw it again!

The results!

My son and his vaping friends tested my e-liquid concoctions and said they were some of the best tasting, cloudy e-liquid they’d tried.

I know I’m biased as I made the stuff but, I found the e-liquid super smooth and full of flavour (no coughing at all).

I then started buying lots of new flavours to test and try out. Before too long my son and his friends were asking me to make their e-liquids.

Old Man Vape

Shortly afterwards I decided to setup the Old Man Vape website.

Being able to choose your own amount of flavour and percentage of VG or PG meant I could make any flavour strength or VG/PG mix anyone wanted. The main aim was to stop stupid children like mine (he’s 20) buying vape liquid with nicotine in when they don’t smoke!

The other factor was of course cost, making a vape eliquid that was affordable to all. Some of my sons friends were paying £25 for a 30ml bottle at local vape shops. MADNESS!

For those trying to give up tobacco they are faced with the cost of vaping being almost as high as the cost of smoking?
How does that help stop those trying to give up smoking and promote vaping as a safer alternative? MADNESS!

I want to make it clear that I have no degree in chemistry.
I don’t create the Old Man Vape e-liquids in a sterile lab, it’s done at home in the kitchen.
All the equipment, lab beakers, and mixers are thoroughly cleaned before each mix.
Syringes used are replaced regularly. I’ve even built my own magnetic mixer to reduce the steep time on e-liquids. Normally once mixed eliquid gains flavour over time like a good wine. Using the mixer speeds up the process of making sure the flavour reaches throughout the Old Man Vape eliquid.

I mix the flavours I think will taste good and once in a good sub ohm vape, they do taste very nice!

My Vape machine is a SMOK GX350 with a TFV8 tank and V8-T8 quadruple coils using 4 x 3000mAh Samsung batteries.
I keep a spare mod and tank at the ready (in case I lose or drop it). I’ve not really got adventurous with my vape hardware, the GX350 and tank works well so no need to change it.

Full specs of my SMOK GX350 mod are on their website here

If you want an eliquid flavour and don’t see it on the website please use our Facebook page or the contact form to let me know. I’ll do my best to get the flavour for you.

If you would like to try my artisan e-liquids please get in touch. All e-liquids are made to order, this way it’s fresh and you can have it mixed exactly how you want it. At £3 for 10ml at least try your favourite flavour, it’s only three quid!

I’m not doing this to become an online millionaire or even make money at it. It’s to cover the cost of my own vaping and try and provide some reasonably priced, nice flavour e-liquid to locals in my area.

On the same note I don’t try to scrimp and save on the materials used. I use the Real Flavours brand of concentrates and pharmacy grade PG and VG to mix the eliquids. I try to make the bottles and packaging look nice and keep the cost to you guys at a minimum whilst providing something that tastes and also looks great.

EDIT: Since writing that Old Man Vape only supplies to the local Chelmsford area a few people asked if I could deliver. I’ve now enabled shipping which will get your e-liquid to you normally within 48 hours of ordering. Everything is sent Royal Mail First Class. Larger orders for 100ml bottles (until my stocks are gone) do cost over £3 to delivery. I’ve however kept the delivery fee at a lower rate.

My thanks to a customer who recently pointed out I hadn’t updated this page to reflect we DO deliver across the UK!

If you managed to find your way here and read this far here’s a little Easter egg for you 🙂

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old man vape

Mixing E-Juice

A short video of e-liquid being mixed

Old Man Vape 100ml Vape Eliquids from £10

Old Man Vape 100ml bottles

Old Man Vape 30ml Vape Eliquids from £8

Old Man Vape 30ml bottles

Old Man Vape 10ml Vape Eliquids from £3

Old Man Vape 10ml bottles

Old Man Vape 10ml Vape Eliquids from £3

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