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Apple CloudChaser Vape Eliquid - Old Man Vape

Apple CloudChaser Vape Eliquid



Apple CloudChaser Vape Eliquid

You are now in the extreme CLOUDCHASER ZONE!

My delicious Apple CloudChaser Vape Eliquid is made for sub ohm Vape hardware. Trying to use it in anything less is likely to damage your Vape coils!

I’ll mix you up a 60ml bottle of vape liquid with an 80/20 VG/PG mix and add a delicious blend of sweet, fruity, apples, you’ll love the taste!

Get a tank full of my sweet, smooth apple flavour, fused with my CloudChaser vape eliquid, great to cloud up any room.

If you think you’re ready then fill your tank with a self-indulgent, sweet taste of Apple CloudChaser Vape Eliquid. You’ll enjoy its rich flavour with every cloud you vape.

No Apples were harmed in the process of creating the Old Man Vape Apple CloudChaser Vape Eliquid!

What are you waiting for?

What you’ll receive with your order

If you don’t want nicotine I’ll send a full 60ml bottle of 80/20 VG/PG CloudChaser and your chosen flavour already mixed. Fill your vape tank and you’re ready to start creating some fat clouds!

If you want nicotine in your CloudChaser vape eliquid, you’ll receive your vape juice and flavour mixed in a 60ml bottle. You’ll also receive sealed nicotine shots. Depending on your required nicotine strength you will receive the following.

  • 0mg of nicotine = 60ml bottle with 60ml of CloudChaser and flavouring
  • 3mg of nicotine = 60ml bottle with 50ml of CloudChaser and flavouring + 10ml nicotine shot
  • 6mg of nicotine = 60ml bottle with 40ml of CloudChaser and flavouring + 2 x 10ml nicotine shots

When you receive your order you need to add the nicotine to your chosen flavour of Old Man Vape eliquid before vaping. Mix the nicotine thoroughly with your chosen flavour of Old Man Vape CloudChaser and Vape!

Carefully open your Old Man Vape eliquid and add the nicotine shot(s) to your vape juice. Replace the lid of your vape liquid (make sure the cap is on tight!).

Shake for around 30 seconds and you are ready to start ripping fat clouds!

What sizes can I order?

You can order from as little as 10ml right up to 60ml. If you'd like to order more than 120ml please get in touch so we can make arrangements with you.

Available sizes:

  • 10ml
  • 60ml
  • 120ml
How long will my order take?

I normally aim to have your order ready within 24 hours. As soon as it's ready I'll email you to let you know your order's on it's way.

What mix of VG/PG do you use?

I normally mix all e-liquids with the flavour of your choice and a VG/PG base. Using VG creates a larger cloud when you vape Old Man Vape e-liquids. I'm happy to add the PG level you require, select the VG/PG mix you want and that's how I'll mix it for you!

After all, it's YOUR e-liquid, vape how YOU like it :)

How strong can I have the flavours?

It does depend on the flavour or flavours you are choosing for your eliquid. Some flavours even in small amounts can have a big impact on the overall flavour of your eliquid.

An example is Anise, even when mixed with other flavours to create a Heisenberg type vape e-liquid the Anise is a strong overpowering flavour.

I'll normally mix the flavours to give you the best possible vape eliquid.

After all, it's YOUR vape eliquid, vape it how YOU like it :)

What about the nicotine?

Sadly recent legislation means I'm not allowed to mix nicotine into my yummy vape eliquids for bottles over 10ml.

I can however mix your eliquid and send pre-measured nicotine shots for you to add to your vape eliquid.

If you want nicotine with your order select the level of nicotine you want and we'll send it with your eliquid.

Why is the nicotine separate?

Sadly recent EU legislation means we're not allowed to mix nicotine into our yummy vape eliquids for our 60ml CloudChaser bottles.

We mix your chosen eliquid flavour and send sealed, pre-measured nicotine shots for you to add to your vape eliquid.

Simply open the lid of your Old Man Vape Eliquid, open your nicotine shot(s) and squeeze them into your fresh vape juice. Replace the cap (tightly) and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Your juice should be ready to vape!

Remember, nicotine is dangerous. Do not let children or animals come into contact with it. Be careful not to get it on your hands and wash off if you do.


Apple CloudChaser Vape Eliquid - Old Man Vape
0mg CloudChaser Vape Eliquid
3mg CloudChaser Vape Eliquid
6mg CloudChaser Vape Eliquid
Grape CloudChaser Vape Eliquid - Old Man Vape
Steeping Eliquid


When you place your order its made especially for you. To get the best from your Old Man Vape eliquid it can take a little time for the flavour to fully infuse with the eliquid. Read more on getting the most from your freshly made Old Man Vape eliquid HERE.

Apple CloudChaser Vape Eliquid - Old Man Vape


Apple CloudChaser Vape Eliquid!


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